Angelite: Using Angelite in Your Every Day Life

What is Angelite?

  • Angelite is formed of calcium sulfate and is a variety of gypsum.
  • Angelite is a relatively new stone, only discovered in 1987 in Peru.
  • Since being discovered in Peru, Angelite has been found in Great Britain, Egypt, Germany and Poland.
  • Angelite also goes by the name Anhydrite, from the Greek for without water, due to the fact that gypsum crystals were surrounded by water and when that water dried up the crystals were compressed and formed Angelite.
  • If submerged in water Angelite will transform back to gypsum.

Healing Properties of Angelite

  • Angelite allows you to find your higher self and connect with the Angel realm.
  • It is a stone that brings forth your intuition, self expression, peace of mind and gives power to your dreams.
  • Angelite allows you to release anxiety, anger, and resentment and brings a sense of balance to your life.
  • Angelite assists with opening psychic abilities. Gifts such as astral travel, telepathic communication and a connection with spirit guides and guardian angels will be elevated with the use of this stone.
  • Angelite is believed to balance your thyroid gland and help rid any infection connected to your throat.

Chakra Position

Angelite is connected to our Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakras. Angelite allows us to speak our truth and clearly communicate. It also allows us to connect with ourselves and others better. Lastly Angelite connects us with the Angel realm and the dream world.

Cleansing Your Stone

Due to the fact that Angelite will deteriorate in water smudging is the perfect way to cleanse your stone. Surrounding your stone with smoke from any sacred herb such as sage or cedar will help rid it of any negative energies that have accumulated. The best way to recharge your stone is to allow your stone to bathe in the light of the moon.

Zodiac Association

Aquarius January 20 – February 18

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