African Turquoise

African Turquoise: Using African Turquoise in Your Every Day Life

What is African Turquoise?

  • African Turquoise is actually misleading because it is not a true Turquoise. African Turquoise is actually a variety of Jasper that is found solely in Africa.
  • The stone’s unique coloring comes from crystal quartz, copper and iron.
  • A naturally hard stone African Turquoise is perfect for someone who wears their jewelry every day.

Healing Properties of African Turquoise

  • African Turquoise is widely known as a stone of evolution, bringing with it a change or transformation in your life.
  • It gives us the ability to accept the need to change and the confidence to pursue that change.
  • African Turquoise is believed to help alleviate mood swings.
  • African Turquoise aids you in opening your heart to forgiveness and releasing negative thoughts.
  • African Turquoise assists with lowering cholesterol, preventing heart attacks and general eye health.

Chakra Position

African Turquoise connects with out Heart chakra, showing us how to live a life filled with unconditional love and compassion. It also protects the Heart chakra by creating a barrier that protects it from those who wish you harm.

Cleansing Your Stone

African Turquoise can be cleansed in almost every way it’s possible to cleanse a stone.

  • Run cold water over your stones for 30 seconds. This can be done by the tap or in the rain. Do not leave your stone submerged too long because it is a porous stone and can be damaged.
  • Smudge your stones using sacred herbs. These herbs can be sage, juniper, or cedarwood.
  • Leave your stones to recharge under a new or full moon.

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