Bloodstone: Using Bloodstone in Your Every Day Life

What is Bloodstone?

  • Bloodstone is a green Chalcedony with red inclusions. The Bloodstone’s green is from Chlorite Pyroxene or Hornblende inclusions. The red inclusions can be caused by Red Jasper, Hematite or Iron Oxide.
  • Ancient Greeks refered to Bloodstone as Heliotrope and believed it to have healing powers, gifted by the Gods, when it comes to all things blood related.
  • During the Middle Ages Bloodstone was believed to formed from Christ’s blood. According to legend during the Crucifixion a fewdrops of blood dripped onto the earth and turned to stone.
  • Bloodstone can be found all over the world. Mines have been found in Australia, China, Madagascar, Brazil and parts of the United States.

Healing Properties of Bloodstone

  • Bloodstone is commonly used in childbirth because of it’s capability for strength, courage and vitality.
  • Due to it’s relation to all blood related issues it is the perfect stone to deal with hormones, PMS and menstrual issues.
  • Bloodstone roots you and allows you to feel safe and unswayable in your decisions.
  • Bloodstone is the perfect stone for those who have feelings of abandonment, lonliness and trauma from bullying.

Chakra Position

Bloodstone connects to 2 of our chakras. The first being the Root chakra. Bloodstone works with the Root chakra to keep us anchored and grounded. The second chakra where bloodstone works its abilities is the Heart chakra. Bloodstone helps us deal with the blockages we have in our Heart chakra and clears out the mist of negative energy.

Cleansing Your Stone

Like all stones you must cleanse Bloodstone in order to rid it of the negative energy and toxicity. There are 2 ways to cleanse Bloodstone. The first is to run the stones under running water. While any water will work, it is best to use spring water. The second method is to bury your stone into the earth. The earth will draw all the negativity from your stone and renew it’s healing energies.

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