African Jade

African Jade: Using African Jade in Your Every Day Life

What is African Jade?

  • African Jade received it’s name from South Africa, where it’s mined. It can also be refered to as Buddstone, Transvaal Jade, or South African Jade.
  • African Jade was once believed to have powers over the weather. It could control and chamge the type of weather patterns

Healing Properties of African Jade

  • African Jade is also known as the skillful negotiator due to it’s ability to aid in making successful business decisions.
  • It promotes action and intuition as well as boots your courage, insight and spiritual growth.
  • African Jade brings order to the chaos that surrounds you and clears away the negativity in the environment.
  • A stone of luck and abundance, African Jade helps you deal with the practicalities of every day life.
  • African Jade is believed to be good for diabetes, circulation, hearing and vertigo.

Chakra Position

African Jade is associated with the Root and Heart Chakras. It rounds the wearer by opening and anchoring them to the core of the Earth.

Cleansing Your Stone

There are multiple methods to cleanse your African Jade. You can move your stones through incense or white sage smoke, rinse through non-tap water, bury in into the earth, place on brown rice, or place in full moonlight to cleanse and energize your stones.

Zodiac Association

Libra September 22 – October 23

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