Amazonite: Using Amazonite in Your Every Day Life

What is Amazonite?

  • Amazonite is a form of potassium feldspar. Although it comes in shades of purple, grey, green and blue, it is most often found with a greenish blue color.
  • The first report of Amazonite was by A. Breithaupt in 1847.
  • Although named after the Amazon River, it is actually not found anywhere near the river. It is actually found in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
  • According to legend Amazonite adorned the shields of  Amazonian tribal female warriors.
  • Amazonite was highly prized by the Ancient Egyptians. When found King Tutankhamun’s death mask had inlays of Amazonite.
  • Know as the stone of hope, Amazonite has been known for attracting hope and faith to those who possess it.

Healing Properties of Amazonite

  • The perfect stone for a pessimist, Amazonite helps you look for positive outcomes.
  • Amazonite helps soothe those with anxiety or self-destructive thoughts.
  • Amazonite helps remind us that we need to put ourselves first.
  • For those who suffer from past trauma, Amazonite helps you heal wounds that are still open.
  • Amazonite is believed to balance thyroid problems and help the body absorb calcium better.

Chakra Position

Amazonite is connected to the Heart chakra. When your Heart chakra is blocked you may struggle with trusting anyone or opening yourself up to the kindness in the world. Working with Amazonite will help disperse that blockage and make way for love to come in and for you to give love out.

Cleansing Your Stone

Amazonite is a water element and it doesn’t take much to cleanse your stone. Run it under lukewarm water for a few seconds and then pat it dry. To recharge your stone place it in the sunlight for a few minutes. Be careful that you don’t leave it out to long or the sun may damage the stone and change it’s coloring.

Zodiac Association

Virgo August 23 – September 22

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